About Us

Small Business. Big Flavor.

In March 2013, my husband was hellbent on starting a unique popcorn destination. As crazy as it sounded there was no changing his mind. As all good things are started - out of desperation and drive for a more opportunities for our family - we created GOPO Gourmet Popcorn.

Before opening our own storefront, we sold our popcorn out of a cute boutique named Plume. (And, we still do! You can arrange to pick up your orders from Plume when checking out online!)

If I would have known how difficult it would be to get this business idea running, we probably wouldn't have started. If we would have known how awesome it would feel to see the vision come to life, and all of the good that comes with it, we would have started sooner!

We want to make GoPo a fun destination for all ages. Thanks for stopping by!

—Brooke Bartlett, Owner and Co-Founder
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